"Student Track is the most user friendly student tracking software available today".

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Student Track is designed to track all information about your students from the very first communication to their final placement after graduation. With customizable features your school can now track students to meet your schools needs.

Student Track Software delivers a full student tracking solution all in one easy to use school administration software program.
  Student Track Software Features  
  770-664-6454 Phone
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  All Lookups Fields are 100% Customizable By You Custom Degree Plans /Program Plans
  Unlimited Courses and Programs Multi User - Network Software
  Unlimited Network Users Grades, Testing & Reporting
  Unlimited Document Tracking Student Scheduler
  Scan Or Attach Any Documents To Students Record Student Evaluations
  Email Communications And Marketing Additional Training Database
  Prospective Student "Leads" Database & Marketing Externship History Database
  Current Student Database Placement History Database
  Detailed Student Information Extensive Reporting
  Student Record Update Log Tracking By All Users Custom Reports
  Track Students Daily Attendance By Course And Term Custom User Security Levels
  Communications Call Log Per Student User Logins And Passwords
  Tuition Cards & Promissory Notes Student Login Review Module
  Graphic Course Scheduler By Term/Semester Contact Management Database
  Complete History Of Any Students Record Modifications Daily Class Schedules
  Track Students For Multiple Campuses / Departments Track Any Type Of Expirations
  Financial Aid Profile Tracking and Award Letters Print On Custom Forms
  Student Login Lab Tracking Module    
  Track Grades By Clock Hours, Credit Hours or Grade Percent Average    
  Sales Representative Daily Activity Details & Tracking    

    Designed for any type of Educational School.
Nursing Schools, Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools, Career Schools, Vocational Schools, Post Secondary Education, Medical Schools, Dental Schools, HVAC, Truck Driving Trade, Massage Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Culinary, Aviation Schools, Graphic Design Schools, Building Trade, Welding Schools, Teaching Schools, Automotive, Technology Schools, any type of Allied Health Training School.
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